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Waddington (Mountaineering):

British Columbia's Coast Mountains stretch the full length of the province, from the Canada-US border in the south to the BC-Yukon border in the north forming a natural barrier along the Pacific Ocean. Much of this coastal range is a vast wilderness region of rugged snow-covered peaks, huge glaciers, clear glacial fed lakes and rivers, and miles of spectacular pristine scenery. This is a true BC treasure of natural breath taking beauty that's not easily accessible; much of the region can only be reached by helicopter or plane. Towering high above the central Coast Mountains like a sentinel watching over the surrounding area is Mount Waddington reaching a height of 4016m (13,172ft).

Mount Waddington is named for Alfred Waddington, an early pioneer surveyor, who tried to find an easy route from the coast to the BC interior's Cariboo Region and the gold fields. His endeavor failed when in 1864 the surveyors and working party were meet by hostile indigenous people of the Chilcotin and a brief skirmish occurred.

Waddington the highest peak in British Columbia is widely known as one of North America's classic climbs and was first scaled in July of 1936. Mountaineering experience is essential when planning to tackle this challenging mountain with its steep peaks of ice covered rock. The lower and middle sections are made up of glacier type terrain that can be difficult to maneuver. Ascending to the top of this mountain greatly depends on timing and weather. Conditions can variety from one climb to the next climb, but plan on the adventure taking between 3 to 5 long, hard days of climbing. Climbers should be prepared for steep snow, ice climbing, and rock climbing. There are other excellent climbing opportunities in this region, but Waddington is the main attraction.

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Mountain Climbing (Mountaineering) in the Cariboo